Carpool from Sector 16B,Rohini to Sector 62,Noida

Sector 16B,Rohini
Start time:
08:00 AM
Sector 62,Noida
Return Time:
05:00 PM
The member would like to be passenger

Currently we are 4 (3 females + 1 male) in the cab and one is leaving the cab. Need one passenger to commute between Peeragarhi -> Rohini(Sec-15/18) -> Noida(Sec -62/63/64).Other sectors can also be considered , please contact. The vacant seat is available from 21-May-2018. We start from Rohini around 7:15 am and reach Noida by 8:10 am. While returning, we start by 5 or 5:05 pm from Noida and reach Rohini by 6:20 pm.

Sameroute has been created by:
shruti gupta
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Carpool created at:
04:32 PM on 27-Apr-2018
Carpool Result:10
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I need carpool or cab from Rohini sector 15 to Noida 62. I am looking for pickup around 9.45 A.M and ..
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Hi All, I start from sec 11 rohini at 7:50 a.m. to sec 62 - noida , samsung building. and evng time ..
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Sector 16,Rohini to Sector 62,Noida

I am a daily passenger from rohini sector 16 to noida sector 62. ..
07:00 AM 05:00 PM Passenger 04-Oct-2019

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Hello I travel daily from Rohini to Noida and the Noida to Rohini ..
08:00 AM 06:00 AM Both 23-Oct-2019

Sector 6,Rohini to Sector 62,Noida

Looking for carpool from rohini sector 1 till noida sector 62. Timings 8.15 morning and evening 6.30 ..
08:00 AM 07:00 AM Passenger 09-Jul-2020

Sector 4,Rohini to Sector 62,Noida

Timing are flexible by 5-10 mins. So if anyone is willing to offer carpool on regular basis, do let ..
09:40 AM 08:05 PM Passenger 18-Nov-2018

Mukundpur to Sector 62,Noida

I have an elite i20 diesel,so if anyone from mukundpur and its near location want to join car pool, ..
08:00 AM 06:15 PM Driver 30-Jan-2019

Pitampura,New Delhi to Sector 62,Noida

Need a carpool from pitampura to noida sector 62, can travel one way as well (morning or evening). ..
09:30 AM 05:00 PM Passenger 04-Apr-2019

Rohini,New Delhi to Sector 62,Noida

Carpool from Rohini Sector 13, 11 , 15, 16, 18, Shalimar Bagh to Noida Sector 62. Please contact Ra ..
07:25 AM 05:30 PM Driver 20-Feb-2020